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Partnering with experts and leading organisations. was born in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when the global youth work sector was forced to adapt to lockdowns and socially distanced youth work., our parent organisation, was already supporting organisations to engage young people online before the pandemic had hit. But we didn't want to hoard that knowledge. We are firm believers that a rising tide lifts all ships. So we partnered with experts and leading organisations to make free training and resources accessible globally.

Some of the organisations we have partnered with include.

Find the right resources for you.

For Youth Workers.

  • Nail the foundations of youth work
  • Gain practical skills
  • Learn about youth participation and empowerment

For Leaders and Managers.

  • Design and deliver measurable, sustainable and scalable programs
  • Build a positive team and organisational culture

New Resource 🎉
Building Well-Funded Youth Programs: 
5 Practical Steps

Funding...Ugh! It is so normal to feel stuck on the funding hamster wheel simply trying to keep afloat. This PDF guide gives you simple and practical steps towards programs that are financially sustainable and scalable. 

Learn a systematic approach.

Learn from's Program Design Consultants. 
We relentlessly believe in the power of effective and efficient programs to create social change. This step-by-step guide takes a systematic approach to sustaining and scaling funding, and ultimately, the good organisations do.

Get practical about your funding.

We often hear from people that they feel like they are stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel when it comes to funding. By breaking it down into practical steps, it can demystify the process, clear your head and take away that hamster wheel feeling.


Popular Guide

Digital Youth Work: A Practical, Non-Techie Guide

Developed to equip youth workers thrust into digital youth work. Define the outcomes you are setting out to achieve and identify the right tools to get you there.


Summit Sessions on Demand

Access our previous Virtual Summits, which were hosted live, where we gathered world leading experts on topics ranging from Youth Participation to Indigenous Thinking, Digital Youth Work, and much more. 

Popular Session

Best Practice for Engaging Young People Online

Live for Tomorrow is a tech non-profit that is building better crisis support for the digital era. Elliot Taylor, the Executive Director and Founder of Live For Tomorrowalongside Clinical Advisor, Andrew Sutherland, share their data-driven insights.


Approaches to Youth Participation in Practice

Hear from a panel of world-leading youth work practitioners and scholars as they explore Youth Participation. This panel was the book launch of their incredible book, 'Approaches to Youth Participation in Youth and Community Practice: A Critical Dialogue'.

  • Dr Robyn Broadbent
  • Dr Trudi Cooper
  • Dr Tim Corney
  • Roger Holdsworth
  • Dr Harry Shier
  • Dr Howard Williamson

Popular Session

The Indigenous World in a Virtual Age

Hear from Dickie Humphries, co-founder of Tū Moana, as he shares what an Indigenous worldview can teach us for maintaining wellbeing and connection in a physically distanced but digitally connected world. 


We are building a diverse community

We have had 1,600+ youth workers from across the globe participate in our training. From Namibia to Scotland, from Australia to Malta. The community who have participated are diverse and bring their own unique perspectives. We love that.

What people are saying

"Over the past year, the weekly updates and online session content were a huge encouragement to me in both my work practice and bachelors study. The models and frameworks shared were both logical, easy to understand, and caused me to think more critically about my work with young people. has a unique ability to capture the sometimes abstract ideas of youth development and get them down on paper. I highly endorse the work these guys do, there are not enough people out there developing this stuff for practitioners!"

Alexandra Powell, Youth Worker, New Zealand

Founders note.

In 2019, I was based in Jordan leading the Program Design for World Vision's youth participation programs across the region.  While I was there I had the privilege of being on the steering committee of a youth technology summit. Young people and youth workers came from all over the Middle East, including from war torn countries such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Pioneers of digital youth work from across the region shared their innovations and use of technology to engage young people in their fragile contexts. What they taught me more than anything was this; desperation breeds innovation.

Prior to the pandemic, the Proven Change team had already been supporting organisations to design digital youth work programs.


When February 2020, rolled around we knew we had to innovate and create space for the global sector to share knowledge around digital youth work. Our only goal was making that information more accessible. 

Since that time has become about a lot more than digital youth work. Our Strategic Plan for 2022-2024 is summed up in two simple things:

  1. Creating resources for Youth Work Practitioners in the areas that Proven Change already works with organisations on: Program Design, Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Organisational Culture and Advocacy.
  2. Curating resources in all other areas of youth work by partnering with the global experts in each field.

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